My work is informed by function, line and form and is intended to be used daily. I believe that using handmade objects in everyday life can bring a newness, a specialness, to rituals like drinking coffee; it's this notion that keeps me interested in creating functional pottery.

I have sold my work through Etsy since 2007, and currently I have works for sale through this website, and in person at local markets. 

About me:
I grew up in sleepy Central Florida, where I fell in love with music theory, singing and visual art in high school. My BFA is from the University of North Florida.

I am currently pursuing a Data Analytics Tech Certificate from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Data is everywhere and has the ability to tell all kinds of stories about our business, our work and our lives when we know how to look at it. The opportunities to learn from these stories are endless, and endlessly interesting to me. I enjoy using Java Script, Python and programs like Tableau to make data look beautiful and tell a story, with the ultimate goal of making sound business decisions and gaining the confidence to make calculated changes for the future.

In addition to making pottery and geeking out on code, I take photographs in the woods, knit, practice yoga and generally spend as much time outdoors as possible.