My work is informed by function, line and form and is intended to be used daily. I believe that using handmade objects in everyday life can bring a newness, a specialness, to rituals like drinking coffee; it's this notion that keeps me interested in creating functional pottery.

I have sold my work through Etsy since 2007, and currently I have works for sale through this website, and in person at local markets. 

About me:
I grew up in sleepy Central Florida, where I fell in love with music theory, singing and visual art in high school. I earned a BFA in photography from the University of North Florida in 2004. Currently, I’m pursuing a Data Analytics Tech Certificate from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH In addition to making pottery, I take photographs, knit, ride and work on bicycles, hike, SUP, practice yoga and generally spend as much time outdoors as possible.